Quality control


The fieldwork and the following work phases are subject to the quality standards of our institute which enable us to deliver reliable data. Our interviewers with many years of experience participate in regular trainings. Furthermore we are member of PMSZ, ESOMAR and PIXER by which means we work according to both national and international guidelines.

The most important practices are if not agreed otherwise:

In case of the quantitative projects:


  • The carefully selected interviewers complete theoretical and practical trainings that cover the principles of recruiting, interviewing and objection-handling. They also receive a project-specific training before every assignment (especially extensive ones before B2B projects).

  • One interviewer is only allowed to carry out 5% of the interviews /project

  • 15% of all Interviews are verified through call-back

  • An extra 5-10% oversampling above the required sample

  • The project managers receive daily update on field implementation, that empowers them to step in at any time and take the necessary measures.

  • In case of all CATI projects a supervisor is able to monitor all telephone conversations and follow the interview on her own screen in real time.

In case of the qualitative projects:


  • The recruited respondents are screened with the PIXER System (unified data of the leading market research institutes about the participants of their qualitative research projects incl. topic and date) prior to the interview / group discussion. This way the "professional focus group visitors" can be filtered.

  • The participants are recruited with extensive screening questionnaires to make sure that the interviewer talks to the right person, matching the client's target group.


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