Quantitative methods


One of the keystones of primary market research is qualitative research. These methods are applied when looking for numerical answers that can be analysed with statistical tools. Using quantitative methods we can examine larger samples and even track them over time.

The three basic types of communication with the target persons are the personal, the telephone and the written surveys. All three types have some pros and cons.


Such methods are:


In case of the personal (F2F) surveys the representativeness of the results is ensured to the highest level due to the applied selection methods and the relatively high response rate while all kinds of stimuli and the complete scale of question and answer techniques are applicable. Disadvantageous are only the relative long run-off period and high costs.

IMAS – as well as the complete market research branch – is pushing back the traditional "paper questionnaires" and they are being replaced with computer aided (CAPI) interviews, although they are representing still more than 65% .

The telephone surveys have the advantage of quick data delivery and relatively low costs. However the issues and topics covered by this method are limited as the use of visual stimuli is not possible. It can be applied among others for segmentation studies, finding the best distributional channels or tracking surveys.

Our CATI studio operates under strict quality measures. Our interviewers have several years of experience and participate in regular trainings. In addition the supervisor is able to monitor all telephone conversations and follow the interview on her own screen in real time.

On-line research

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