Qualitative methods


Using qualitative methods we can get answer to the "why" questions, that could not be defined in a numerical way. This way we can measure opinions, attitudes, motivations and reasons.

We recommend using these methods when our client wants to explore a wide range of opinions, needs and demands relatively quickly and extensively. They are most frequently used in the creative work phase like product development or reviewing existing concepts as they can be used as a source of new ideas using the creativity of the consumers.


Such methods are:


The most common qualitative method is the focus group discussion where our moderator guides a discussion among the carefully selected participants. Our moderator is a psychologist with more than 5 years of experience who knows and uses a wide range of instruments and techniques that work in FGDs. With these she can get the most out of all respondents – both in a written and verbal form.

In both Budapest and the other areas all respondents are recruited with a personal interview in order to ensure that all of them pass the screening criteria. For further quality issues we are a founder member of the PIXER system, which allows us to screen out "professional group visitors". This way we can guarantee that only those participate in a discussion who perfectly match the target group of a given study.

Mystery shopping is the undercover investigation of customer services that can aim at administration, service, supply of information or any other aspects of the retailer-customer relationship where a customer service situation evolves.

The in-depth interview offers an opportunity to explore the respondents' motivations, attitudes, personal opinions - and in case of a expert interview the respondents' knowledge. The respondent gets to answer all questions freely and as detailed as possible. The interviews are usually recorded and serve as an input for an analyzing report. We carry out in-depth interviews F2F or over the phone if required.


The ethnographic studies can help you to explore the consumers' habits in their own, natural habitat, we can visit their homes, work place or we can go shopping with them. Besides the information gained from a personal interview, observation gets to play a very important role, that uncovers the customers habits as well as product and brand usage. This way our clients obtain information that cannot be ensured with any other methods.

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